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a) Total land Area: 40468.6 sq. mt. (10 acre) 
b) Total built Up Area: 1862 sq.mt. 
c) Land procured in: December 2010 
d) Construction commenced in: October 2011 
e) 1st Phase construction finished: May 2012 

Campus (1st phase of construction)


The Centre has following units:

Administrative cum Teaching Block: - It includes the following -
i.   8 Training rooms  
ii.  1 Conference room  
iii. 1 Medical room 
iv.  1 Common staff room 
v.   3 Office spaces 
vi.  1 Store room 
vii. 1 Multipurpose room

Dining Hall


It has a seating capacity of 100 students.


Dormitory to accommodate 100 trainees *
Washrooms and bathrooms
Warden office and accommodation. 


In addition to the toilets in the hostel there is a separate toilet block with washrooms for men,Women and physically disabled.*